I grew up in amazing Irving Texas. At least I know how to read and write. Favorite music: Christmas. Favorite food: yellow. Favorite color: red. I like telling jokes. I like pullin’ jokes. I am great at transforming spaces; not like an Oprah episode, but like a cyclops eating a 64 pack of crayons and secreting on a warehouse. I like creating environments. I don't like slap bass or jazz fusion. I like Pee Wee Herman and meaningless work.

I am inspired by aesthetic failures. My recent work loosely plays with ideas of gender, sexuality, and transcendence, destabilizing them from their authority and social normalities. Humor is the enemy of authority. Through performance I redirect my attention from mainstream ideals and stereotypes to what I consider to be “appropriate human behavior.” I play different roles including magician, comedian, and rock star to communicate narratives. Strange behavior is a method to transport the human mind to other dimensions of consciousness.

My home is an installation of specific objects and clutter. This clutter is absorbed seamlessly into my work. Until my work is exhibited, or performed, it is difficult to decipher the difference between my life, living situation, and art. I am constantly performing in my day-to-day reality. Every situation is an opportunity for artistic expansion. Existing this way results in genuineness. It is common for me to be working on sculpture, paintings, performance, music and video simultaneously. Often these mediums merge together into one intermediate concept.

Creation is a necessary means for survival, so let’s get weird, friends. The mainstream pop artist Seal says, “No, we’re never going to survive unless we are a little cray cray crazy.”