I grew up in amazing Irving Texas. At least I know how to read and write good. Favorite color: red. Favorite music: Christmas. Favorite food: pizza. I like telling jokes. I like pullin jokes. I am great at transforming spaces; not like a HGTV show, but like a cyclops eating a 64 pack of crayons and secreting on a warehouse. I like creating environments. I don't like jazz fusion or contemporary mid-evil. I like climbing, non metaphorically. I like meaningless work. I like bankers and politicians. I like the Talking Heads.  

       I think humor could be the enemy of authority. I am inspired by aesthetic failures. My recent works embody the ideas of bureaucratic absurdity and ideas of freedom. I found that by living in a similar fashion that my art manifests in, I could demonstrate a thorough realness. I live in an installation of specific objects and clutter. This clutter is absorbed seamlessly into my work. Until the work reaches the walls of the gallery it is sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between my life, living situation, and my creations SOMETIMES. I make collages, drawings paintings, sculptures and photographs. I like taking pictures, I’m a little shutter-bug watch out. I guess I really do think "Humor is the enemy of authority" because I tattooed that phrase on my leg. I just don't know any more, but I make art that ultimately reflects how I feel about our global concerns. Dinosaurs went extinct about 66 million years ago, then it was probably a little quieter and darker, baby-lady Cop. im tired

       The mainstream pop artist Seal says, “No we’re never going to survive unless we are a little cray cray crazy” He was wrong. Time to clean up the act guys. Edison lights on, thinking cap on, velcro shoes on, Lets do this! Home-Depot. Lowes. 

leg tat.jpg